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# 462801 - Alternator Wiring Repair Harness, Power Plug, Ford 2G Series Alternators

Price: $24.95
Part #: 462801

# 462801 - Alternator wiring repair harness for Ford 2G series alternators used a unique plug system with a D-shaped voltage regulator plug, part # 462802, and a square power plug shown above. This square plug has connections for both positive and negative power. It also provides a stator signal which either connects to the D-shaped plug or the vehicle computer.

For: Ford 2G Series Alternators

Features: 3-wire leads w/ butt connectors & shrink tubing for ease of installation

Used On: Ford (1985-1990) , Mercury (1985-1990)

Replaces: FORD E7EB-10A568-AA, E7FZ-10A568-A, E7TZ-10A568-A

Unit Nos: FORD E43Z-10304-A, E6DZ-10304-A, E83F-10300-AA, E83F-10300-AB, E83F-10300-BA, E83Z-10346-A, E83Z-10346-B, E83Z-10346-BRM, E8DF-10300-AB, E8DF-10300-BA, E8DZ-10346-A, E9PZ-10346-ARM, F73J-10346-AA, GY1351, GY1360; FORDENG E83F-AA, E83F-AB, E83F-BA, E8DF-AB, E8DF-BA; MITSUBISHI A3T01596, A3T01596MA, A3T01598, A3T01598MA, A3T10598 Lester Nos: 13188, 13190, 7088-10, 7088-2, 7716-10, 7732-10, 7735-2, 7745-10

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