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# 398114 Brusholder Assembly for Hitachi Alternators

Price: $24.95
Part #: 398114
# 398114 Brusholder Assembly
100% new with brushes, springs and brusholder
Used On:  Nissan (1993-1996)
Replaces:  Hitachi GD213216-A, L180-G1330, Nissan, Infiniti 23135-0P600
Unit Nos:  HITACHI LR160-724, LR160-724R, LR170-739B, LR180-725B, LR180-725C, LR180-725E, LR180-733, LR180-733B, LR180-734, LR180-734B, LR180-734C, LR180-736, LR180-736B, LR180-738, LR180-738B, LR190-717; LETRIKASAL IA 0585; NISSAN 23100-0P000, 23100-0P001, 23100-0P501, 23100-0P502, 23100-0P505, 23100-0P506, 23100-1E400, 23100-56G00, 23100-56G00R, 23100-64J01, 23100-64J02, 23100-64J03, 23100-64J05, 23100-77P00, 23100-77P00R
Lester Nos:  13329, 13474, 13531, 13533, 13534, 13535
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