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Part # SE7011 Delco Remy Type 35-65 Amp to 105 Amp 10Si & 12Si Series Self Exciting (One Wire) Alternator Upgrade Kit

Price: $109.95
Part #: SE7011
105 Amp One-Wire Hook-up Conversion/Repair kit, fits Delco-Remy's 10-Si &12Si  Internal Regulator Alternators

This upgrade works best when you start with 60 amp or higher alternator.

Part # SE-7011 Kit Contents:
1- Brush holder assembly with brushes and springs
1- Heavy Duty Diode Trio
1- Self-exciting (one-wire) voltage regulator
1- 105 amp. NEW "THICK" Stator for better performance at idle. This stator will increase your idle output
1- Heavy Duty Bridge Rectifier
1- Step-by-Step Instruction
Ref: SE 7011, HO7011SE, HO 7011 SE

The thicker stator gives you more power at idle, is more dependable and fits into the 10Si case

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