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# 2483253 - 6-Groove Pulley For Nippondenso (Denso), Mitsubishi Alternators - 21mm Belt x 54mm Rib OD x 15mm Bore

Price: See # QS20614003
Part #: 2483253
2483253 - 6-Groove Pulley

For: Nippondenso (Denso), Mitsubishi Alternators

Used On: (1993-88) Ford, Mercury, Toyota Vehicles

Unit Nos: Denso 100211-332, 100211-746; Mitsubishi A3T00491, A3T00896, A3T01496, A3T01596; Lester 13188, 13189, 13230, 13277, 13298

Dimensions: 21mm Belt x 54mm Rib OD x 15mm Bore

Features: Machined pulley cut from cold rolled steel

Reference: 206-14003

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