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# 12481N Alternator, 35 Amp, 12 Volt, For Kawasaki Street Motorcycle, Mitsubishi type Alternator

Price: $229.95
Part #: 12481N
12481N Alternator,   Mitsubishi type, 35 Amp, 12 Volt, For Kawasaki Street Motorcycle

Notes:  Drive blade not included

Features:  100% New

Used On:  Kawasaki (1986-1991)

Replaces:  KAWASAKI 21001-1083, 21001-1123

Lester Nos:  12481
Kawasaki 21001-1083, 21001-1123

MES - Marine Electric Suppliers 12481N, AK199, AK199-N

Mitsubishi Sales A7T20199

PIC Old 203-5112

WAI New 12481N

WAI Old 1-2888-01ND , 1-2891-00MI

Kawasaki Street Motorcycle ZG1200 Voyager XII 1164cc 1986
ZG1200 Voyager XII 1196cc 1987-1991
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