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# 12338N - Alternator, 40 Amp/12 Volt, CW, 1-Groove Pulley

Price: $159.95
Part #: 12338N
12338N Alternator, 40 Amp, 12 Volt, CW, 1-Groove Pulley,
Denso type,
Features:  100% New,
Used On:  Kubota (2001-2009),
Replaces:  DENSO 101211-1360, KUBOTA T1060-15680, T1060-15681, T1060-15682,
Lester Nos:  12338,
Denso Remanufactured 9761219-136
Dixie Electric A-80403
Elpar Industries 0228036276
Wilson Heavy Duty 90-29-5476
Kubota Excavator alternator KX91-3 Kubota D1503MEBH 28HP Dsl 0000
Kubota Tractor alternator - Compact L2600DT Kubota D1403AE 27HP Dsl 0000
L2600F Kubota D1403AE 27HP Dsl 0000
L2800DT-F Kubota D1403ME2A 29HP Dsl 2005-2009
L2800DT-R Kubota D1403ME2A 29HP Dsl 2005-2009
L2800F-F Kubota D1403ME2A 29HP Dsl 2005-2009
L2800F-R Kubota D1403ME2A 29HP Dsl 2005-2009
L2800HST Kubota D1403ME2A 29HP Dsl 2005-2009
L3000DT Kubota D1503ELA 32HP Dsl 2002-2003L3000F Kubota D1503ELA 32HP Dsl 2002-2003L3130DT-F Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3130DT-R Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3130F-F Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3130F-R Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3130GST-F Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3130GST-R Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3130HST-C Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3130HST-F Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3130HST-R Kubota D1503MAE-GST 32HP Dsl 0000L3240F Kubota D1703-M-E2 34HP Dsl 2007-2008L3240GST Kubota D1703-M-E2 34HP Dsl 2007-2008L3240HST Kubota D1703-M-E2 34HP Dsl 2007-2008L3240HSTC Kubota D1703-M-E2 34HP Dsl 2007-2008L3400DT-F Kubota D1703MAE2A 34.7HP Dsl 2005-2009L3400DT-R Kubota D1703MAE2A 34.7HP Dsl 2005-2009L3400F-F Kubota D1703MAE2A 34.7HP Dsl 2005-2009L3400F-R Kubota D1703MAE2A 34.7HP Dsl 2005-2009L3400HST Kubota D1703MAE2A 34.7HP Dsl 2005-2009L3430DT-F Kubota D1703MAE 35.1HP Dsl 0000L3430DT-R Kubota D1703MAE 35.1HP Dsl 0000L3430GST-F Kubota D1703MAE 35.1HP Dsl 0000L3430GST-R Kubota D1703MAE 35.1HP Dsl 0000L3430HST-F Kubota D1703MAE 35.1HP Dsl 0000L3430HST-R Kubota D1703MAE 35.1HP Dsl 0000L3540GST Kubota D1803-M-E2 37HP Dsl 2007-2008L3540HST Kubota D1803-M-E2 37HP Dsl 2007-2008L3540HSTC Kubota D1803-M-E2 37HP Dsl 2007-2008L3830DT-F Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl 0000L3830DT-R Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl 0000L3830F-F Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl 0000L3830F-R Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl 0000L3830GST-F Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl 0000L3830GST-R Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl 0000L3830HST-F Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl 0000L3830HST-R Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl 0000L39 Kubota D1803TLB 39HP Dsl 2003-2009L3940DT Kubota V2006-M-E2 40.5HP Dsl 2007-2008L3940GST Kubota V2006-M-E2 40.5HP Dsl 2007-2008L3940HST Kubota V2006-M-E2 40.5HP Dsl 2007-2008L3940HSTC Kubota V2006-M-E2 40.5HP Dsl 2007-2008L4240DT Kubota V2203-M-E2 44HP Dsl 2007-2008L4240GST Kubota V2203-M-E2 44HP Dsl 2007-2008L4240HST Kubota V2203-M-E2 44HP Dsl 2007-2008L4240HSTC Kubota V2203-M-E2 44HP Dsl 2007-2008L4300DT Kubota V2203A 45.3HP Dsl 2001-2004L4300F Kubota V2203A 45.3HP Dsl 2001-2004L4330DT-F Kubota V2203MAE 41HP Dsl 0000L4330DT-R Kubota V2203MAE 41HP Dsl 0000L4330GST-F Kubota V2203MAE 41HP Dsl 0000L4330GST-R Kubota V2203MAE 41HP Dsl 0000L4330HST-F Kubota V2203MAE 41HP Dsl 0000L4330HST-R Kubota V2203MAE 41HP Dsl 0000L4400DT Kubota V2203ME2A 45HP Dsl 2007-2009L4630DT-F Kubota V2203MBE 47.2HP Dsl 0000L4630DT-R Kubota V2203MBE 47.2HP Dsl 0000L4630GST-F Kubota V2203MBE 47.2HP Dsl 0000L4630GST-R Kubota V2203MBE 47.2HP Dsl 0000L4630HST-F Kubota V2203MBE 47.2HP Dsl 0000L4630HST-R Kubota V2203MBE 47.2HP Dsl 0000L4740 Kubota V2403-M-E2 49HP Dsl 2007-2008
Kubota Tractor alternator - Utility MX5000DT Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl 2002-2005
MX5000F Kubota V2403 50HP Dsl 2002-2005
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