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# D110SiSE12VCKP - 12 Volt Positive Ground Self Exciting (One Wire) Alternator Conversion/ Repair Kit for 10Si Series Alternators

Price: $74.95
Part #: D110SiSE12VCKP

12 Volt POSITIVE GROUND Conversion/Repair kit

Converts any voltage Delco Remy type 10Si series alternator of any amperage into an twelve volt positive ground alternator.

Kit Contents:

  • (1) Heavy Duty, low RPM cut in, Self Exciting(one-wire) 12 Volt voltage regulator
  • (1) Brush Holder Assembly (with brushes & springs)
  • (1) Heavy Duty Diode Trio
  • (1) Premium Positive Ground Rectifier
  • (1) Rectifier ground screw
  • (3) Brush Holder/Regulator screws (3 Insulated)
  • (1) Positive ground jumper wire

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