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# 10831N Tilt & Trim, 12 Volt, 4-wire w/ ring terminal connections 3-bolt mount, Fits Yamaha 225-250HP

Price: $189.95
Part #: 10831N
10831N Motor - Tilt Trim, 12 Volt
Notes: 4-wire w/ ring terminal connections
3-bolt mount
 Fits Yamaha 225-250HP
Features:  100% New 
Used On:  Yamaha (1990-1996)
Lester Nos:  10831
API Marine PT603NM
Elpar Industries 144603622
Mallory 9-18400
MES - Marine Electric Suppliers T1180M
Remy Small Motor RT05030
WAI New 10831N
Whatcom APPTRAK 35864
Yamaha 61A-43880-01, 61A-43880-02

Yamaha Outboard Motor 225TUR 1995
225TXR 1994-1995
250ETX 1990
250TUR 1991-1995
250TXR 1991-1995
L225TUR 1995-1996
L225TXR 1994-1996
L250ETX 1990L250TUR 1993-1996L250TXR 1991-1996S225TUR 1996S225TXR 1996S250TUR 1996S250TXR 1996
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