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# 10105084 - Ball Bearing, Double Sealed, For Hitachi Alternators

Price: $39.95
Part #: 10105084

10105084 - Ball Bearing, Double Sealed, For Hitachi Alternators

For: Hitachi IR/IF Alternators (S.R.E.)

Dimensions: 10mm ID x 27mm OD x 11mm W

Notes: With 2-plastic tolerance rings

Features: 100% New Premium

Also See: 10105084W

Used On: Infiniti (1996-2003), Mazda (1999-2005), Mazda - Europe (1998-2005), Nissan (1994-2007), Nissan - Europe (1991-2010), Subaru (1995-1999), Subaru - Europe (1996-1998)

Replaces: Hitachi 6000TR, Nissan, Infiniti 23120-0M000, Subaru 23721-AA080

Unit Nos: Denso Europe DAN1030, Hitachi 136121, 2506121, HAL-1100716E, L1110G-2100, LR1100-709, LR1100-709B, LR1100-709BR, LR1100-716, LR1100-716C, LR1100-716CR, LR1100-716E, LR1100-716ER, LR1100-724, LR1100-724B, LR1110-720, LR1110-725, LR1110-725B, LR1110-725BR, LR1125-702, LR1125-702B, LR1125-702BR, LR1125-702F, LR1125-702H, LR160-727, LR165-708C, LR165-713, LR170-745, LR170-745B, LR170-745BR, LR170-748, LR170-748B, LR170-748BR, LR170-757B, LR170-757BR, LR170-758, LR170-761B, LR170-761C, LR170-765, LR180-725B, LR180-725C, LR180-725E, LR180-734C, LR180-741, LR180-741H, LR180-741S, LR180-742, LR180-744, LR180-749, LR180-749B, LR180-749C, LR180-749E, LR180-751, LR180-751R, LR180-756, LR180-756B, LR180-756R, LR180-766, LR185-701, LR185-701H, LR185-702, LR185-702SR, LR190-724, LR190-729, LR190-729C, LR190-729CR, LR190-734, LR190-734B, LR190-734C, LR190-734E, LR190-734G, LR190-737, LR190-737B, LR190-737BR, LR190-737E, Mazda BP4W-18-300B, BP4W-18-300C, BP6D-18-300, BP6D-18-300A, BP6D-18-300R0A, Nissan, Infiniti 23100-0E700, 23100-0M003, 23100-0M003R, 23100-0M005, 23100-0P502, 23100-0S200, 23100-0S300, 23100-0S300R, 23100-0W000, 23100-0W001, 23100-0W001R, 23100-0W002, 23100-0W003, 23100-0W004, 23100-0W401, 23100-0W402, 23100-0W403, 23100-0W403R, 23100-0W404, 23100-1E800, 23100-2J600, 23100-2J601, 23100-2W201, 23100-2W20A, 23100-31U02, 23100-31U02R, 23100-3M200, 23100-3M200R, 23100-3S500, 23100-3S500R, 23100-3S501, 23100-40U00, 23100-4B400, 23100-4S100, 23100-5Y700, 23100-5Y700R, 23100-64J01, 23100-64J02, 23100-64J03, 23100-64J05, 23100-70F00, 23100-70F05, 23100-72B00, 23100-72B01, 23100-8E100, 23100-9E000, 23100-9E000R, 23100-BN300, 23100-BN305, 23100-EA201, 23100-EA20B, 23100-EA20BR, 23108-31U00, 2310M-CN10AR, Prestolite 20130233, Subaru 23700-AA210, 23700-AA210F, 23700-AA211, 23700-AA211F, 23700-AA34A, 23700-AA34ARA, Lester 11121, 13329, 13334, 13534, 13612, 13636, 13637, 13638, 13640, 13641, 13642, 13643, 13644, 13645, 13713, 13724, 13728, 13760, 13778, 13788, 13789, 13826, 13895, 21501, 22670, 22671

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