# D1-7130 - CS130 Series "Iceberg" Finned Housing Standard Alternator Upgrade/rectifier Kit, with small 6203 Front Bearing

Price: $52.95
Part #: D1-7130

D1-7130 Iceberg Alternator Conversion Kit for the Delco Remy type CS130 Series

NOTE: Check the front housing images to determine what front bearing size you have . Large 6303 bearing has 5 ribs around the bearing boss, the small 6203 bearing has 3 ribs. Check your alternator, look behind the fan, before ordering.

Kit Contents

Alternator Standard "Iceberg Alternator" kit has:

  • Exclusive "Iceberg" Finned Housing for Better Cooling originally co-patented by Alternatorman
  • Heavy Duty Rectifier with 50 Amp Press Fit Diodes. (OEM rectifier use only 35 amp diodes)
  • Copper Heat Transfer Grease for Better Rectifier Performance and Life.
  • 10mm Wide Rear Bearing. (original uses only an 8mm bearing)
  • Brush holder Assembly
  • Stator Lead Extenders
  • Bearing Tolerance Ring
  • Drive End 6203 Bearing with Retainer
  • Positive Battery Post Insulator
  • Stator Lead Cover
  • CS130 Repair Instructions online
    copy and paste the following address for repair instructions

Reference d17130
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